Show History

This show began back in 1999 when drummer Mike Sarafian came to bassist Glenn Henry out side of a night club in Marina Del Rey, California wanting to start a Beach Boys tribute show. These 2 individuals were the founders and originators of the hit show that became "The Beach Toys". Sarafian and Henry planned for 2 to 3 months in late 1999 before finding and auditioning any players.

Auditions were held at Glenn's house in early 2000 where Mike Moynahan and Bob Moore were auditioned. Al Jardine played by Chris Hilliard had previously been selected by Henry a few months prior after seeing him perform at A local Beatlefest convention. Bob and Mike were the last two to put in place and a were a good fit. Now with the musicians in place for the show this left the huge task of the development, production, marketing, management and presentation of a show.

After the failed hand of a bad manager, the show was developed lead and managed by Glenn Henry taking the leadership ball. What is a leader defined ? The person with whom plans, organizes, directs develops and guides any and all operations to an achieved goal. Leadership is earned not "appointed". Glenn called and organized all rehearsals, sets, set lists, shows, costuming, location of costuming materials, financing and arranging of all promotional photo sessions, promotional photos, producing, designing and distributing all promotional materials, packets, press kits as well as the design and development and financing The Beach Toys web site. In addition to the preceding a leader/manager conducts all, contract development, origination, stage plots, tech and hospitality riders, countless contract negotiations, collection of payments from clients and dispersement of payments to side players, production, travel advancing for shows coordinates all details for out of state shows. The preceding leader/manager functions were performed for over 10 years by Glenn Henry. The complete local show P.A. system was purchased, stored, maintained and carried by Glenn.

Glenn's expertise, perseverance and development wisdom as well as knowing the ropes from working in his father's entertainment agency in the 1970s provided the vehicle for which lead to the ultimate success of The Beach Toys recognition over the many years since inception. Glenn's ability to vision any and all opportunities for publicity, exposure and recognition with his relentless promotional and booking perseverance lead The Beach Toys from the garage to to national success as Glenn secured contracts with anything from a backyard show to Disney, the cruise industry, local and national Fairs, Festivals, casinos and corporate events. This includes the introduction, association and bond with The Carl Wilson Foundation as well as the appearance at the 2005 Beach Boys Landmark Dedication with the Beach Boys that Glenn secured through the meeting of Beach Boys landmark founder Harry Jarrnigan in early 2004.

In March of 2005 drummer cofounder Mike Sarafian branched off to form another Beach Boys tribute show. Mike now has a successful show of his own leaving Glenn as the only remaining cofounder of the show in spite of other claims that are made. In January 2011 singer Mike Monahan was replaced from The Beach Toys. Unbeknownst and behind the back of Henry and all band members, Moynahan secretly secured a trademark registration for the name The Beach Toys in 2005. Having used the name for over 10 years, registering the domain name in 2001 legally permits Henry just as much right if not more to use of the name in spite of Monahan's registration. However, The Beach Toys name has very often created confusion over the years with the real Beach Boys in advertising and publications. Also many would mistake and call us "The Boy Toys" or other silly names. Lastly, "Catch A Wave" is more consistent with the future direction of Glenn Henry Entertainment Mgmt and The Beach Toys founder Glenn Henry and original member Chris Hilliard, and long time members Gene Martin, and Richard Gibson.

Time for a change-

A name is just a name, it dose not matter really what a good show is called when the members make up a 10 years history of a top show. Really we could be called the "The Seaweeds" or "The Rusty Tuna Cans" and it would not make any difference. It is not in a name, it is the sound of the show comprised not by one person, but the totality of its members and the spirit of its members that brings a show sound and look to life. The show is the best it has ever been ! Glenn and long time Beach Toys members Richard, Gene, Chris and new singer Joel Dalton now make up "Catch A Wave".

New lead singer Joel Dalton is an unbelievable talent lending both energy bringing a remarkable Mike Love look and sound alike ability to round out this show beyond any ! Mike Sarafian and Glenn Henry remain friends today. That is the true story and evolution of the Beach Toys/Catch A Wave.